Announcing: and domains are now available for purchase.  Cellulose is the most abundant organic polymer on Earth   The potential market for Cellulosic Ethanol is believed by some financial analyst to be amongst the greatest growth markets in the world.  And with the vast negative press corn ethanol is receiving (as corn is food) and a ubiquitous commodity in the entire food chain, the cellulosic alternative is becoming more attractive.


Remember, any “pure dot com” name can be redirected to a company’s site where related products are sold.  And the owner of an industries premier name receives instant credibility as a “major player.” 



Computations for value should include the potential for:


1. Many of the major players in the cellulosic ethanol field have company names that are difficult to remember.  By owning and re-directing the very name of the field itself, a major ethanol player can, for example, tell trade show visitors to simply type in to visit their home page or sub-page (and my asking price is less than many spend on a trade show.)


2.  Foreign governments may be interested as a way to market and lobby for export/import of this commodity to the US or world, e.g. China for equipment, Brazil for lobbing import/exports.


3. Captured customers for cellulosic ethanol itself and co-products.


4. Potential third party advertising revenues from the site.  Including books, DVD’s, how-to manuals, and pay per click.


5. Worldwide credibility that will be generated within the industry and/or by governments through the ownership of the “pure” dot com names of this entire industry.


6. Company goodwill generated by consumers who are curious about the technology and trying to get educated on this new energy alternative. 


7. Marketing of new technology, such as “one pass” biomass harvesting equipment.


8. A portal for a system to monetize greenhouse gas credits generated for the production of ethanol.


9. A portal to help farmers identify the most suitable crops for cellulosic ethanol production.


10.  A portal for feedstock infomation, harvesting, valuation, and marketing.


11.  The marketing of Cellulosic storage and transport systems.


12. A market portal to help farmers identify/grow the most suitable crops for both food production and cellulosic biomass production.


13. Compute use of gasoline for the average American and how many would have to find their brand name CE on this site.


14.  Potential customers captured for equipment sales to owner/operators.


15. One chance offer – probably won’t be sold again if purchased by a F500 company.

These names are available for less than most companies cost of sending staff to one or two trade shows.

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